Monday, 30 January 2012

Work (St Etienne remix) - The 2 Bears - Free download! Also their album is out today too, natch.

To celebrate the release of The 2 Bears debut album 'Be Strong', they've released this remix for free.

It's cool, man.  80s sparse French House vibes with a cool British Man Like Me vocals over it.  I'm not actually an expert on sparse 80s French House, and have no idea if sparse 80s French House ever actually existed, but if it did, it probably sounds like this song.  Which is a good thing.  I suppose.

You can actually stream the whole album.  This is very cool and more publishers need to do this.  Why?  How am I supposed to judge a song worthy of download from a 15 second sound clip?  One of the main reasons I don't buy from iTunes (that, and the fact they don't tell you the bitrate of the files you're buying - but I digress.  Here's the Amazon link!).

So yeah, The 2 Bears are basically going to be huge and you'll hear them everywhere.  But you heard it here first, kids!

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